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Today is Your Birthday!

You’re either saying ’How did she know that?’ or ’It’s not my birthday!’

Ah, but it is.  Anytime you decide it is.  And when it’s your birthday, all kinds of wonderful things can take place.

I once had a client, ’Julie’ who was going through a major life transition.  She had the chance to leave a job she’d been bored with for twenty years and didn’t know if she had the nerve to make the break, or even what she’d do if she Did have the nerve.

To help her get ’unstuck,’ we decided to give her an exercise of ’a month of birthdays.’  She agreed that every single day, she would behave as if it was her birthday.  She would wear her favorite clothes, give herself a treat (these ranged from a gift she might buy to simply taking a walk outside during lunch hour.)  And since birthdays are often a time for reflection, she also let herself think about her life, what she really wanted, what she really didn’t want.   

This reflection she allowed herself was actually the best of all the gifts she gave or received, along with the permission she granted  herself as circumstances unfolded.

One day on a walk around her neighborhood, Julie noticed a small store with a rental sign on it.  Its’ shiny glass windows and the inviting way it looked as she walked inside, reminded her of a wonderful little place her grandmother, who she adored, had owned when she was growing up.  Julie already had a small side business she loved, selling custom costume jewelry direct to people in their homes.  Suddenly she thought how perfect it would be to have her very own place to do exactly what she wanted to . . .  you already know the ending to this story.

And yes, when Julie walked away from two decades at the insurance company, a part of her wondered, HAD she made the right move?   But the larger part , the ’birthday girl’ knew she had.  

The last time we spoke, the shop was doing just great, and Julie had begun designing her own line of jewelry, her first piece was a very charming pin.  It was a tiny, sparkling birthday cake.

A good part of experiencing the NEXT in our lives is celebrating the NOW, in fact being in the NOW, generates the most amazing, authentic NEXT possible!

I invite you to have a birthday today!  Make THIS DAY of your life so special by considering all the presents, the possibilities - that lie before you.  Allow yourself the space of celebrating � and giving yourself what it is that you really want in your life.

In fact, I hope you’ll treat yourself to a whole week or month of birthdays.  Who knows what will happen - NEXT?

(Let me know!)  

Recommended reading: (a very nice birthday gift!)
 The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle

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Reprinted with permission from E. J. Gore’s The NEXT Factor

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