Ten Ways To Get The Most From Coaching!

  1. Use a sample session with any prospective coach to determine that the two of you are compatible and have a working rapport. Ask about her/his specific coach training credentials, as well as length and level of coaching experience.
  2. You get what you pay for and commit to. Successful short term coaching is certainly possible, but the length of time spent coaching directly impacts results, as well as the mastery of new skill sets.
  3. Pick goals you want to achieve, not ones you feel you should. Sometimes an important part of the coaching process is discovering this.
  4. When working with a specific challenge or issue, decide what life skills you want to acquire as part of the process.
  5. Be a driver not a passenger in the coaching process. Let your coach know the most effective ways of communicating and working with you.
  6. Maximize the effectiveness of each call in two ways. First, decide the focus for this particular call. Email your coach this in advance. Second, set aside five to fifteen minutes before the call to catch your breath, relax and center yourself.
  7. During the call, write down key words or insights that surface. Afterwards, take time to add more detail. Use this in notebook or computer file form, to build your own self guide and tool box.
  8. Live up to the accountabilities and challenges that you and your coach set. The more you participate, the more dramatic and meaningful your results will be.
  9. At the end of each coaching session, review what you learned or was most meaningful for you with your coach.
  10. Remember, coaching really occurs BETWEEN the calls. That’s when you put intention into action!

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