What Coaching is...Plus an invitation to try it

Coaching is an exciting and creative process in which a client works with a partner and ally who holds the space of possibility for transformation in his or her life.

Since coaching is not the same as therapy, should you have deep and painful emotional issues, I support you finding a therapist you can relate to and trust, to help process and resolve them.

While coaching is not therapy, it does have therapeutic effects on the people who take it and themselves seriously. It has the ability to bestow permission, to align perspective and to take on the inner gremlins that have the power to defeat us.

Coaching is not about 'fixing' you, in fact the first thing a coach agrees to is to continually hold each client 'creative, resourceful and whole' as a means for the realization of personal power and possibility.

Our confidential thirty minute call is at no obligation or fee, so that you can freely find out what coaching, with me, is like. It is my gift to you in service of whatever is NEXT for you in your life.

Email me at ej@ejgore.com to set up an appointment.

Expect to Exceed!

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