It’s All about ME!!©

“Sooner or later, whether I try to avoid it or not, it really is ALL
ABOUT ME. There’s no one else who can make me happy, free me
from the past and take me where I want to go in my life.”

Enough about Milk, Got ME???

In my coaching practice, I see how amazing and life affirming it is when women move into full ownership of the power or, and permission for, themselves, their ME!!

All About Me is an expression of my mission to inform, demonstrate and enjoy showing every woman that I meet that -
Life is Amazing . . . when you realize It’s About Me!!

This is a life purpose and passion affirming event that will empower, energize and point YOU straight toward living the ME in you!

Principles of It’s All about ME!!©:

  • The Three Unfailing Forces to keep you unstuck, empowered and able to have what you want in your life!
  • How to Lose the Guilt and Grab the Gusto about ME!
  • Accessing and Attaining the Dreams you haven’t said Yes to . . . Yet!

Attendees receive a 20 minute private coaching session for their ME!

Please email E.J. at with your request for information and availability in the box below. Include as many specifics as possible as to your audience, group size, location, dates, purpose in meeting. Thanks!

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