The Compass Point©

At the midpoint of a woman’s life, there is a time for breakthrough . . .
A place of adventure and transformation of the body, mind and spirit,
here rests a woman’s own
Compass Point . . .

You’ve been “there.” And back. You’ve raised children; gone through numerous changes personal and professional; survived losses; had moments of joy you’d like more of; been married, divorced, married again; are concerned about your aging parents and your children’s well-being. You watch your body change while your mind tries to catch up with it.

And now, in the midst of your life, at this moment, you suspect there that there is more to life, more to your own fulfillment in your life and happiness with yourself . . . there is, it’s the Compass Point you carry inside, the true self that is waiting to guide you toward a whole new set of possibilities and dreams come true.

The Compass Point Workshop© is about the possibility for permission to live a fuller life, at a time when women are so well equipped to embrace it.

In this workshop you will learn how to –

  • Experience the power of full permission
  • Recognize and live your dreams
  • Manage your gremlins
  • Notice what’s working
  • Center in ’the still small place’ within
  • Access and express your creativity
  • Put on the ’oxygen mask’ of self care

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