80% of E.J. ’s clients are referrals from former clients...

What they say about working with E.J.:

I used to walk into management meetings thinking I didn’t belong there. While working with E.J., I realized all I had to offer, and began acting on it. I now have a new title, and I know I deserve it.
- Bettina V, Managing Director, Investment Bank, Boston MA

After 25 years in a secure but boring job, I took early retirement and then wondered if I’d made a big mistake. Coaching with E.J. led me to living a dream I had never dared take seriously. I am now the proud owner of a unique store for women.
- Jennifer R, Entrepreneur, Burbank, CA

I couldn't and wouldn't have done it without her! I credit EJ with helping me save my marriage and actually "have a life" during six long years of building a new house. Thanks to her coaching, my husband I now enjoy our beautiful new home - and each other - more than we ever have.
- Linda M, Massage Therapist, Moab, UT

EJ ’the J is for unbridled joy’ guided me to double my business in 8 months. Her marketing advice, expertise and unbounded vision are unparalleled in the coaching world. She’s an original.
- Alfred D MA, Coach/Author, Portsmouth, ME

Coaching with EJ brought the areas of my life where I needed to make changes into focus and gave me the tools I needed to make them. Even in the face of both personal and professional challenges, I experienced feeling better equipped to follow my own unique path, to make a difference in the lives of the children I teach. I am thrilled to have just been tapped for a position in the leadership program of my school.
- Amy L, Educator, New York City

As an athlete, I know the value of coaches. E.J. showed me the results I could get with a different kind of coach. I’m at the top of my game now, business wise, life wise.
- Sheri R, Chiropractic Practice, Boston, MA

When E.J. and I began coaching, I was unaware of the fears that stopped me from having the relationship I wanted and deserved. Through our work, I faced my fears and became aware of who I am and what I want. I intend to find the right one, expect the best in the relationship. I now accept that life is a journey. I am better prepared for that journey and ready emotionally to embark upon it.
- Marcia J, Educator, Boston MA

E.J.’s commitment to helping me find ’my’ place and voice in the area of my passion has given me the confidence I needed to pursue my next steps. Her sense of humor made light work of some of the heaving lifting I needed to do. And her marketing expertise and understanding were an added bonus.
- Nancy L, Portland, ME, Coach/Artist

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