Next level coaching will work for you because it's based on two powerful premises.

There is always a NEXT in your life, Your NEXT may be a specific challenge or life change; a goal or dream you long to complete.  It may involve issues of life balance, inner confidence and well being.  Sometimes More begins with getting you unstuck from the Less, the drains and tolerations that stop you from moving forward in your life.

The NEXT in you propels you toward the NEXT for you! Coaching The NEXT, your true self, in you, will give you the tools and confidence to use what you already possess, your own indisputable core of power, resourcefulness and creativity.

And because it:
  • Identifies precisely what your own unique NEXT is
  • Creates a realistic and supportive strategy to get there
  • Continually maintains focus on your agenda and goals
  • Establishes and builds effectiveness through momentum
  • Rewires habits and patterns that don't get you what you want into new habits that do
  • Uses life situations and challenges as a means to master new skills
  • Is based on achievable, real world results
  • Offers several approaches to coaching levels and fees*

* Fees and packages are available on request.

For a complimentary (no fee, no obligation) 30 minute coaching session to see what coaching to THE NEXT can be like for you, please contact E.J. via email at ej@ejgore,com or by filling out the form below and pressing the contact button.

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